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Personal Information

Born March 19th 1973 in Silkeborg, Denmark.
Deejaying - playing records and CD's at various discotheques all over Denmark, including Faroe Islands, plus in Sweden, Norway, and Austria. Professional career from 1992 to 2007, parallel with attending the university.
Completed three marathons
Chariman of "Sammenslutningen af Anvendt Matematik Studerende i Odense" - a society for students of applied mathematics at The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute in Odense.


Attended elementary school; 1th to 10th grade at Nordre Skole, Silkeborg.
Attended high school at Fyns HF-kursus and VUC Fyn. Majored in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and english.
Enrolled in Master of Science in Natural Science at the The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute - University of Southern Denmark.
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Applied Mathematics and Software Production. Do you want to know more?
Attended the JAOO Conference in Aarhus.
Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Applied Mathematics and Software Production. Do you want to know more?

Professional Record

Programmer and systems developer at The Mathematical Statistics Group.
Founded Gennemtænkt IT(Deepthought Development), a software development and consulting company. Co-founded with M.Sc. Morten Kristiansen.
Software developer at Rising Tide.
Systems developer and system architect at Team Online.
Software developer at ALOC.
Full time architect and software developer in Gennemtænkt IT.

Professional Skills

Java - Extensive experience in Java SE and EE, both at professional level. Experience include knowledge of advanced topics, such as, reflection, concurrent multi-threaded programming, and digital signatures and cryptography. Worked with several open source frameworks, e.g. Spring, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, GoogleWebToolkit, and several others.
Groovy & Grails - Developed, extended, and maintains several professional projects in Groovy & Grails. Groovy and Grails are the backbone in most of the projects done by Gennemtænkt IT.
C# - Programming experience from developing high load desktop clients.
SQL - Created and managed several relational databases using SQL, for professional use as well as study projects.
C/C++ - Programmed several study projects.
Ruby - Study group experience.
Python - Programmed several study projects.
Platforms - Experience with several development platforms, including:
  • Eclipse: The eclipse IDE, plus multiple extensions to the platform.
  • NetBeans: The NetBeans IDE, open sourced from SUN.
  • IntelliJ IDEA: The IntelliJ IDE from JetBrains.
  • Rational: Rose, XDE, WebSphere, and Software Modeler, and Software Architect.
  • MS Visual Studio: The .NET IDE from Microsoft.
Processes - Experience from working with several different development prosesses, including:
Software Quality - Experience in securing high software quality through the use of continuous unit and integration testing. Working knowledge with:
  • Unit testing - The JUnit framework, and, to a lesser extent, also NUnit.
  • Integration testing - The FIT framework.
  • Continuous integration - Hudson continuous integration server.
Mathematics in software - Working knowledge from applying mathematics to solve software problems, such as, transformations in 3D space, vehicle routing, and artificial intelligence.
Math software - Experience from using the following mathematical software packages: Mathematica, Matlab, and Maple.

Language Skills

Reads and writes at expert level. Educated at high school level. Primary language in courses and literature at the university. Bachelor thesis and master thesis were both written in english.
6 years in school, incl. 2 years at high school. Additionally 5 months from living i Austria.